Inspired by the street café’s of Portugal, and infused with the vivacious energy of the people of Africa, Vida e Caffé is passionate about their coffee. Based on the fare typical of a street in Lisbon, Vida e Caffé allows you to enjoy a cup of Europe in Africa. A passion for perfection means this café always strives to serve the best espresso and espresso-based caffé beverages possible. The signature coffee bean has been meticulously selected and sourced from afar, taking up to three months to reach the stores. Here they’ve mastered the art of blending, discovered the ideal roasting time, and found the exact temperature to ensure your cup of Vida is the best quality it can possibly be. Also try some of the delectable desserts and light meals.
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Store Hours

Mon-Sun 9am- 7pm
Fri: 9am – 9pm

Location In Mall

L89 / L90

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011 620 3073


Lower Level, Entrance 2