General: Height restriction is 1.8 m in ALL courts. No solid walling around stands will be allowed for example: a circular dome shape.

compulsory house rules

1.) No eating on stand.
2.) No drinking on stand.
3.) No trestle tables allowed.
4.) No table clothes allowed.
5.) No Pull Up Banners are allowed – all signage must be done in a professional manner.
6.) No exhibition material allowed off stand.
7.) No exhibitor is allowed to stand off the flooring of the stand.
8.) No harassing of shoppers.
9.) No promoting of the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Cigarettes
  • Sex or Nudity

10.) No promiscuous branding.
11.) No setting up of a stand that was not pre approved by management.
12.) No competition to tenants for example: Clothing or Jewelery.
13.) No P.A.system will be allowed in the centre.
14.) No solid walling around court.
15.) Security is not part of our package, if you wish to have security you will need to organize security.
16.) Only exhibitions of the required standard for Eastgate will be allowed.
17.) No hand written signage will be permitted.
18.) No CARPETS are allowed to be used. Wooden flooring is provided by Mall Space Management.

dress code

1) All promoters to arrive groomed / presentable throughout the full duration of the exhibition.
2) Sales gentlemen: NO long hair or dreadlocks permitted.
3) Sales gentlemen to be shaven at ALL times.
4) Dress Code:

  • Sales ladies to wear black formal trousers or below the KNEE length skirts, black collar shirt and court shoes.
  • No cleavage, legs, thighs, shoulders, stomach etc to be visible at all.
  • Sales gentlemen to wear black, formaltrousers, black collar shirts and closed court shoes.

5) No Leggings.
6) No piercings.
7) No sneakers.
8) No shorts / mini skirts / short dresses / sandals etc.
9) No chewing gum on the stand.
10) Each sales person to have a name badge for easy identification.

code of conduct

– No calling out / approaching / harassing of customers walking by.
– If customer responds the sales person can approach.
– If customer does not respond then leave them alone.
1) No extended arms holding out scratch cards / samples etc.
2) No handing out leaflets or brochures on the stand or roaming the centre.
3) Stands to be prepared and running by 9 am each day.
4) Flowers must be on every exhibitor stand.
5) Stands to be kept neat and tidy at all time.

Dining On The Piazza

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