Piazza – Snake

Hi, kids, I’m Sne, the jungle-gym snake. Please don’t be afraid of me, I am here to play with you and my friends.

My name is Snehlanhla, which means “we are lucky”, but all my friends on the Piazza call me Sne.

I know I don’t look like your normal jungle gym, and I am shaped like a long wave, but that’s what makes me so unique and your playtime so much fun.

Whenever you and your family come to the Piazza to eat your favourite meal, or even enjoy some ice cream or a soft drink, make sure you set some time aside to play with me.

Get to know me by climbing up, or even swinging gently, and if your parents say it’s okay, you can jump back down, but always do it safely.

And always remember to visit me with your parent, guardian or a grown-up from your family, who is too big to climb up or down, but is always welcome to watch you and I have so much fun.

Remember, if it’s a sunny day, wear your hat and ask your parents to protect your skin with sunscreen. And tell your friends about our Piazza and all the playtime fun you have had with me, Sne, the jungle-gym snake, Siba, the ladybird, Tinks, the slow-moving snail, and Hopps, the leaping frog, because that’s what friends – both big and small – are for!

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