Piazza – Ladybird

Hi, I’m Siba, the ladybird with dotted wings, and my special friends and I call Eastgate home.

On a warm and breezy morning, as the fluffy clouds began to make way for the sun’s rays to shine their light over the Jukskei River, I looked at the river below me in search of my friend, Hopps, the frog.

I looked left, I looked right, I looked up, I looked down, but Hopps was nowhere to be found. Could he be splish-splashing in the water with his frog-family friends?

Hovering above the river, it was hard to see who was in the water because of all the waste.
This used to be a beautiful river, where we would dip in and out of the water, but now a lot of our friends have moved away in search of a cleaner place to call home.

But all I wanted to do was hang out with my friend, Hopps, where could he be?

I called out his name, while landing on an empty plastic bottle, and then I felt a gentle stroke across my dotted wings, and heard a familiar chirp. “Siba…”

Hopps is here, now we can have some fun together.
Take a few leaps, I mean, steps, and meet my friend Hopps, the frog.

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