Piazza – Frog

Hi, I’m Hopps, the frog whose body is green and small, but my leaps can reach as high as the highest tree in my new home. Siba, the ladybird, is one of my best friends and we do everything together.

“Siba, you can’t believe what happened to me,” I said.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I was stuck! See this big plastic bottle with the orange strip around it? I thought it was breakfast, so I tasted it, but it made my little body feel so sick. I lost my balance and couldn’t get up, because there were so many other empty bottles and plastic bags. It’s so sad that our beautiful playground is now full of waste,” I said.

What will happen to our home?

Then Siba said that her friend, Tinks, the snail, had just moved to a new home nearby and that we should visit her.

This new home is so big and you can leap so high and play for hours. It has a lot of big and small stores, and you can buy anything you want. She also said that everyone is welcome there, and all we needed to do is look for a really big place with the letters E. A. S. T. G. A. T. E. displayed across its walls.

And so, we decided to hop along and find it, because it’s always fun to do new things with friends.

Are you as excited as I am to meet Tinks, the snail? Please say hi to her, I know she will be happy to meet you, too.

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