Piazza Art Project Examples

Mr. Frog is coming from the North. He used to live in Fourways, but has decided he needs some new friends. He used to shop at a smaller mall, but has heard that Eastgate Shopping Centre has a new animal family arriving, and believes it will be an amazing way to make more friends. He will be travelling past the Wilds and then heading East along the Jukskei River to Eastgate. He has a friend who rides a bicycle, so in addition to hopping, he will be catching a ride with his friend.

He has a favourite food that he has heard he can buy at one of the take-away restaurants at Eastgate, and that’s part of the reason why he has decided to it his new home. I wonder which food he loves? On the way, he will stop off at the Wilds to have tea with his friends, and pop into the Ponti building where he also used to hang out with some buddies and listen to music and dance. He might even have time to explore the caves in the Kensington Kopjies on the way, and see the memorial near Jeppe Boys. Tell us about who Mr. Frog meets en route, and what he saw.

Miss Ladybird lives in Braamfontein. She is tired of looking at the Hillbrow Tower and the SABC Tower, and has heard of these amazing Solar Trees being installed in this new place called Eastgate. She has decided she needs to spread her wings and move out of her home to find a new life. So, she has packed her bag and decided to fly over her favourite Mandela Bridge for one last time to head to Eastgate. Her favourite drink is….. and she has heard that at Eastgate they have the place that makes the best ones. I wonder what that is? Tell us about her many adventures en route.

Mrs. Snail has been living in Springs. Her husband used to work on the coal mines, but she’s heard about this lovely place full of friends, shops and an amazing Art Tree with this bird that lights up at night. She’s decided it’s time to break out and journey to Johannesburg, the City of Gold. She’s also heard about these gold mine dumps and this amazing cinema – and loves watching movies. How long did it take her to travel, what did she bring with her, how did she get there, what did she see and who did she meet on the way?

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